We’re Ready When You Are.

We’ve carefully designed all of our classes to appeal to all levels of experience. Whether you’re new or a seasoned K-O client, each class is sure to give you a killer workout.


Your last chance of the day to burn, burn, burn! Box-fit Black-Out will be an end of the day burn in a blue light room where you will glow in the dark and glisten with sweat! Think traditional KO Boxfit but with more off the bag intensity intervals for that extra calorie torch. We expect to leave you lying on the floor unable to give anything more!


Designed for all levels. A thorough breakdown of boxing moves and combinations is provided. Both beginner and advanced combinations are provided to suit a wide-range of experience. There is a strong focus on continuous punching and speed rounds for intense cardio burn-out. Conditioning exercises are designed to challenge all fitness levels and deliver incredible results; a tight, toned, strong boxer physique.


Our signature 50min interval cardiovascular training, with boxing inspired conditioning will give you the full body workout you are looking for! Using free weights, resistance bands, body bars, medicine balls and other equipment, Boxfit Bootcamp will give you a peek into one of the most important sides of what it takes to be a boxer- unparalleled fitness. *All levels welcomed *Wraps and gloves NOT required.



Available only at Studio Lagree/Studio KO locations. This dynamic workout combines 30 minutes of The Lagree Fitness Method and 30 minutes of Studio KO’s authentic box-fit training techniques. The ultimate combination of intense cardio and strength training in one 60-minute class. Your body will thank us.