Frequently asked question


NEW TO K-O? Here’s everything you need to know before your first class

What is Authentic Box-Fit?

More than just a fitness class- our box-fit classes teaches you the ACTUAL techniques used by professional boxers. This includes both punching combinations AND the high intensity cardio training needed to maintain a boxers physique. You will find that our use of different types of boxing bags, boxing bobs, speed bags, etc… will differentiate us from your mainstream bootcamp classes.

When to arrive?

You should arrive 15-20 minutes before your FIRST class. You should arrive 10-15 minutes before each class thereafter. If you will be wearing hand-wraps, it takes time to wrap. Your hands must be wrapped and equipment on prior to the start of class time.

What to wear?

You will need to wear running shoes and comfortable workout clothes. We will not permit anyone into the boxing studio with WET shoes.

Do I need boxing gloves?

Yes- this is Authentic Box-Fit! You will be throwing jabs and uppercuts like the pros! Gloves and hand wraps will be provided to you on your FIRST class ONLY. (you will be taught how to wrap your hands). After your first class we strongly encourage you to purchase your own wraps and gloves.

Are wraps and gloves available for rent?

We provide wraps and gloves for your first class ONLY. After that, you must purchase your own wraps after your first class. Gloves are always available to rent for a cost of $3 however we strongly recommend that you purchase your own. This is for sanitary reasons. While we make every effort to ensure that our equipment is clean, we cannot guarantee they will be odour free. Should you forget your wraps or gloves, a rental fee of $5+hst will apply.

What to expect?

A 50 minute class designed to teach you authentic boxing skills and challenge you with high intensity exercises. The first 10 minutes will include a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute demonstration of the workout (i.e key punch combos and exercises). It is very important that you are in class and ready on time as the instructor will NOT be re-explaining the workout to any late persons.

What if I’m late?

We have a 5 minute grace period. The door will close and no-one is permitted into the room beyond the 5 minute late period. The first 5 minutes of class is the explanation of the workout therefore, if you enter the room within that 5 minutes, it is your responsibility to follow along when the workout begins. The instructor will do their best to attend to you. Our strict late policy is to protect the integrity and flow of the workout and to not disrupt the experience for those who have shown up on-time. If you are late, you should enter the room with your hands wrapped and/or gloves on. Once the workout explanation has started, the instructor will NOT be able to assist you in wrapping your hands.

What if I’m waitlisted?

If you are on the waitlist for the class you should be ready to go as if you were signed up for the class. If, at the 5 minute mark, a registered class participant has not shown up, you can join the class. If you wish to listen in on the explanation of the workout (in case you are added to the class), you may, as long as the instructor is aware.

What happens if I'm late to a class?

In order to maintain the integrity and flow of our classes, and in consideration for others, please be on time for class. After the 5 minute grace period, your space may be given to someone on the waitlist. After this cutoff you will be considered absent from the class – no exceptions. By showing up late you are coming into the class with the understanding that you may miss part of the workout. If you arrive late, it is your responsibility to follow along with the class as a second warm-up and explanation will NOT be provided. Please try to be as non-disruptive as you can when entering the room late. New clients MUST arrive at least 20 minutes prior to class and should be ready to enter the studio 5 minutes prior to class for an introduction. New clients are NOT permitted into the room after the class has begun.